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I Believe In Change..

Change is the essence of Life and to resist change is to resist Life itself.

While fear is always accompanied by change, to rationalize and cut away one’s fears is also what Life is all about.

Most often we have triggers within us that facilitate change; they come in the form of circumstances and/or people… and we are able to help ourselves to change.

Sometimes we need help to change; sometimes we need a guide, a medium maybe a SOUL HEALER to help us.
We need to find a new rhythm in Life and this is the unique Dance of the Soul!

There are different rhythms for different souls and yet each dance is always synchronized with the Universe. I love the Dance of my Soul. I love to help people find their rhythms and their Soul Dances.

Lord Shiva

I’ve been doing it for the last thirteen years and I will continue doing it until I’m part of this wonderful universe.

I look forward to connecting with you and I’m hoping we’ll dance together for a moment or two.

May Love, Luck and Light be with you. Always.

  After Mumbai and Pune, Nandini -Tarot Reader and Soul Healer, is now available for consultation in Nasik.
  She gives individual consultations in Tarot, Crystal & Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Jyothi
  Healing (Sarva Shakti Sadhana) and Soul Healing.
  She regularly conducts workshops in the ancient methods of divination, namely Tarot, Tealeaves and Runes.   She teaches and leads individuals & groups into beautiful unique  meditations, absolutely free.

  Being here, Nandini has imparted her knowledge and experience to achieve accomplished Tarot Readers.


1. How to be a Real Witch or Wizard?
Centre in Wakad - on alternate Saturdays and Sundays (Pune)
2. The Soul Dance Workshop
3. The Lotus Meditation